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Maximising the price of any home is always

dependent on creating the ideal selling environment.

David gives sensible advice to help you make sure

your home is in as pristine condition as possible

before selling so a highly competitive environment is

created when it comes time for prospective buyers to

place their offers. You deserve the best advice and

service regarding the most appropriate way to do this.

Price, presentation and marketing are the three key

components to get right when it comes to creating the

ideal selling environment. When all three components

come together, it can make the difference between a

good outcome and a great outcome.


The difference between presenting a property

correctly or incorrectly can sometimes affect the

sale price by considerable margins and often is the

difference between sale and no sale. For this reason,

we recommend you consider the presentation of your

home very carefully. Part of this process is working

with you to make sure your home is presented to

its best advantage and has the maximum appeal

for buyers.

The Maxpro Real Estate team can ensure simple,

cost effective methods to prepare your house for

sale without the need for any major maintenance